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State Higher Education Institution

The Karkonosze University of Applied Sciences (former translation: Karkonosze College) is a State Higher Education institution in Jelenia Góra, Poland.

The University is the only autonomous higher education institution in the Karkonosze Region, therefore it aspires to fulfill its cultural obligations, offering a broad range of courses in the fields of social sciences and humanities as well as natural sciences and technology.

The University, as one of the six Higher Education Institutions grouped in the Academic Co-ordination Centre in the Nisa-Nysa-Neisse Euroregion, maintains close ties with Czech and German Universities with which it has signed formal co-operation agreements. The institution holds an Erasmus Extended University Charter which allows it to intensify the international exchange of students, teachers, library and administrative staff.

KANS, located in the vicinity of the renowned Cieplice Spa, as its strategic goal, has undertaken to specialize in the education of disabled students, connected with their psychological and physical treatment. 

The Karkonosze University of Applied Sciences in Jelenia Góra was established on 1st July 1998. The first name of the Institution was Kolegium Karkonoskie. On 4th December 2010 the official name of the institution in Polish had changed into Karkonoska Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa w Jeleniej Górze, with the official translation into English as Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra, and later the official translation has been changed into The Karkonosze State University of Applied Sciences.  In 2011 the renovation of a modern gym was completed and in 2012 a swimming pool with health treatment facilities was opened. On 2nd May 2022 the official name of the institution in Polish had changed into Karkonoska Akademia Nauk Stosowanych (KANS) with the official translation the Karkonosze University of Applied Sciences in Jelenia Góra.



The University welcomes conferences, staff and students from all over the world!