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Faculties and Programmes

Faculties and Programmes

Full-time university programmes and courses offered by the The Karkonosze University of Applied Sciences in Jelenia Góra are tuition-free for students of Polish nationality or foreigners with a valid Polish citizen card.



Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers bachelor programmes in:

Journalism and Social Communication - programme aims to provide graduates with knowledge and skills necessary in media jobs.

English Philology - with the specializations in Business and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. On completion of the programme graduates in the teaching specialization are equipped with thorough English language skills, knowledge of the history, literature and culture of the English-speaking area, ethics and law applied to the teaching profession as well as education theory and methodology. Graduates in the business specialization are prepared to work in various economic entities on the job market.

Pedagogy with the specialization in Criminology

Faculty of Medical and Technical Sciences offers full-time and part-time programmes in:


Bachelor and master studies:

Physiotherapy 5 year master studies programme prepares the graduates to plan and carry out physiotherapeutic activities in the process of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation as well as wellness and sport.

Nursing studies prepare qualified nursing staff to perform individual professional activities, including a wide range of medical services, promotion and health education.  

 Bachelor studies:

Physical Education studies prepare the students for teaching jobs in primary and lower secondary schools. The graduates are qualified to carry out physical education courses and extracurricular activities in physical education.

Dietetics (human nutrition) programme is intended for people interested in human nutrition. They will be able to work as nutritionists in various institutions on completion of the programme. - and technical sciences (engineering studies):

Engineering studies:

Technical and Computer Science Education  programme is intended for people interested in acquiring comprehensive knowledge and skills in computer science, foundations of production engineering, material engineering, exploitation and diagnostics of mechanical and electro technical devices. More than  50 % of the total study time are practical activities such as laboratories, project and seminars. Their integral  component is modern computer technology.

The duration of higher education bachelor vocational programmes is 6 semesters. The graduates receive the title of a Bachelor of Sciences or Bachelor of Arts and are prepared to take up the 2nd level studies.

The duration of engineering studies is 7 semesters. On completion of the studies students take up a professional examination and receive an Engineer title. They can continue their education at  2nd level studies.

On completion of the studies, apart from the diploma, the students receive a Diploma Supplement, which contains a full description of knowledge and skills acquired during the studies.