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Regional activities

Regional activities

Jelenia Góra – The Pearl of the Karkonosze Mountains

The beautiful town of Jelenia Góra has a 900 years' history. All roads in the Old Town lead to the market square, which is surrounded by burgher houses with arcades. There the visitors are greeted by a bugle-call, played from the town-hall's tower. From here it is only a stone throw to the remnants of city walls, Gothic and baroque churches, streets with art nouveau style houses, to castles and palaces. The museums contain true treasures – the largest collection of artistic glassware in Poland, an interesting exhibition of birds and butterflies and much more.

            Hot springs in Cieplice-spa – a district of Jelenia Gora, have been, for centuries, providing comfort to people suffering from motor organs, urinary tract, and eye illnesses.

Mountains and woods are visible from almost every point in the city, and one can reach them in just a couple minutes on foot. Journeys through the Karkonosze National Park and other landscape parks near the city limits are a great opportunity for close contact with nature. Active students will find this spot a perfect place for bike trips, horse rallies, rock climbing and scenic flights. In winter, fans of skiing can visit the nearby Łysa Gora, with excellently prepared ski runs.

            Jelenia Gora is also a host to many concerts, festivities, exhibitions, theatrical meetings and music festivals, which are held throughout the whole year. The Silesia Sonans Organ FestivalVienna Music FestivalKrokus Jazz FestivalInternational Street Theatre Festival - these are only but a few picks from a rich calendar of events, each of them truly worth attending. Numerous restaurants offer traditional Polish cuisine, while cafés and pubs provide a place where students can relax and meet new friends.

Living and working together in the Euroregion

            The Karkonosze University of Applied Sciences belongs to the The Academic Co-ordination Centre in the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa (ACC). The Euroregion is comprised of the most beautiful administrative districts of the Lower Silesia voivodship located on both sides of the river Neisse-Nisa-Nysa. The views of wonderful landscapes, majestic mountains, lakes and rivers are breathtaking and the area is offering countless possibilities for outdoor activities coupled with international experiences.

            The Academic Co-ordination Centre groups six main institutions of higher education from the Euroregionalongside with other academic institutions from Jelenia Góra, Goerlitz, Zittau and Liberec, it also actively participates in the Erasmus programme.In the framework of the Centre's activities each year an international conference for students is organized, in which all interested students can participate.